EMD GP-9R/10

EMD GP-9R & GP-10

The GP-9R and GP-10 are essentially the same locomotive, less several smaller differences. The primary difference is in who performed the rebuild process. At the end of the day, they are the same HP and perform the same.

If you need a bare-bones locomotive capable of performing in high capacity in low speed operations, this locomotive is the ticket! No fancy electronics, easy to work on, easy to maintain and extremely durable. As proven in shear numbers still in service and parts available.

Locomotive Builder: EMD

Locomotive Exterior Dimensions

Engine: 567C 16 cylinder Total Length 56′-02″
Bore & Stroke 8.5″ X 10″ Wheel Diameter 40"
RPM (Maximum / Minimum) 800 / 275 Truck Wheel Base 9′-00″
Main Generator: D12 Cab Width 10′-03″
Horsepower: 1850 Engine Hood Width 10′-00″
Gear Ratio: 62:15 Top of Walkway 8′-09″
Speed: 65 mph Walkway Width 4′-07.5″
Trucks: 4-Wheel Minimum Turning Radius 21 degrees
Configuration: B-B Fuel Oil: 1500 (depends)
Weight: 240,000 lbs Lubricating Oil: 200
Traction Motors: GM – D57 to D77 (Four) Sand Capacity: 18 cu. ft.
Tractive Effort (continuous): 40,000 lbs @ 9.3 mph Engine Air Filters: varies per unit
Multiple Unit Capability: Yes  
Dynamic Braking: dependent upon unit Carbody Air Filters: Paper
Auxiliary Generator: Delco 14 or 18KW Brake Rigging: dependent upon unit
Air Brake: Westinghouse Model: 26L  
Compressor: Gardner-Denver Air Compressor Filter: Cylindrical
Alignment Control Couplers: varies per locomotive  
Switchgear: Electric  
Performance Enhancer: varies per locomotive  


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