A versatile, medium horsepower, 4 axle locomotive an excellent mixture of fuel efficiency, power and reliability.

Locomotive Builder: EMD

Locomotive Exterior Dimensions

Engine: 567D3A 16 cylinder Total Length 56′-02″
Bore & Stroke 8.5″ X 10″ Wheel Diameter 40"
RPM (Maximum / Minimum) 800 / 275 Truck Wheel Base 9′-00″
Main Generator: D32 Cab Width 10′-03″
Horsepower: 2500 Engine Hood Width 10′-00″
Gear Ratio: 62:15 Top of Walkway 8′-09″
Speed: 65 mph Walkway Width 4′-07.5″
Trucks: 4-Wheel Minimum Turning Radius 19 degrees
Configuration: B-B CAPACITIES:
Weight: 253,000 lbs Lubricating Oil: 200
Traction Motors: GM – D77 (Four) Sand Capacity: 18 cu. ft.
Tractive Effort (continuous): 63,375 lbs @ 10 mph Engine Air Filters: Paper
Multiple Unit Capability: Yes Fuel Oil: 1500 (depends)
Dynamic Braking: Dependent Car body Air Filters: Paper
Auxiliary Generator: Delco 14KW Brake Rigging: varies
Air Brake: Westinghouse Model: 26L  
Compressor: Gardner-Denver Air Compressor Filter: Cylindrical


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